5 Tips For A More Comfortable Bike Ride

Having a more comfortable ride is one thing that excites bike riders. However, many riders struggle to maintain a pleasurable riding experience during gravel rides or while covering long distances.

5 Tips For A More Comfortable Bike Ride

Ranging from saddle sores to neck pain, there are various instances of riding discomfort. But to sustain the excitement that comes with biking, riders need to maintain an improved level of comfort. If you would like to improve your endurance, comfort and sustain overall excitement while riding, here are 5 great tips you should consider.

Spend More Time Standing

Standing more and sitting less while you aren’t riding a bike is a great way to have a more comfortable experience on and off the bike. If you normally have a painful neck, it’s possible that you’ve been assuming a sitting posture most of the time you spend off your bike. Your regular postural stance can have a great impact on your riding experience. If you want to have a more comfortable ride, cultivate the habit of standing more and sitting less during the time you spend off riding.

Choose a Suitable Bike

Personal preference is the first factor most people consider while deciding the bikes to ride. However, it’s much important you think about your riding style, the number of riding hours and the terrain you’ll be riding on. You can say any bike is good for you but if you will be spending prolonged hours commuting to and from office, running errands for others and still going around to have a fun moment with friends, you could opt for a city bike with a straight position and a well-spaced lower seat. These days, you can build your own bike online! If you are a woman, you can choose from this vast collection of wonderful women’s bikes for sale. Having the right bike is always the most important thing in any ride be it small or long distance biking.

Avoid Straining Your Shoulders

In an instance you would like to keep something (such as a couple of your personal belongings) with you while riding, you may need to get a lightweight bag. While riding, some people carry items such as clothes in cross-body bags similar to those worn by messengers. However, this isn’t a recommended idea because it can cause pain in the neck and the shoulders. To avoid mounting too much weight on your body, try wearing a lightweight backpack yet spacious enough to contain your belongings.

Use a Suitable Saddle

Saddles come in various categories and sizes and if you think you’re still experiencing saddle sores even after an adjustment to your bike, you may have to visit the market in search of a new saddle. Importantly, the new saddle should align with the width of your hip. Advisably, you could visit nearby shops and ask the vendors there if they offer the ‘try-before-you-buy’ service you need to find out the saddle that fits you best before making any payment.

Check the Height of Your Handlebars

One of the ways to boost your comfort level while riding is to check your handlebar height and make adjustments when necessary. Lifting your handlebars a little bit from a usual position could be a very great option if you would like to embark on prolonged rides regularly.

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