Cooking Tips: Green Potatoes

Potato Baskets

There is nothing like buying a 10 pound bag of potatoes, opening it up and they are all green.  Great a whole bag of toxic potatoes.

To keep a potato from turning green it needs to be in a dark place.  There is one sure thing that has helped us for years, we pour the bag of potatoes a drawer.

Here is our potato drawer, we just got home and put some potatoes in.  As you can see none came from the store green, but they are moist from the rinsing process.  Putting them in a drawer or bin not only allows them to dry but is a good way to keep them from turning green.


There are other ways to store your potatoes.

Potato Bin

Like a Bread Box/Vegetable Bin.  This one is $79 on Amazon.  For something less expensive and takes up less space, try a Potato Bag like this one…

Potato Bag


How do you stop Green Potatoes in their tracks?


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