Preparing to go Back to School: How to Redecorate and Organize your Child’s Room

The first day when taking your children back to school is not the ideal time to adjust your household schedules. You should ease the process of taking your child back into the school year slowly. During the last few weeks of summer, re-introduce the school year bedtime. This means that you should wake the late sleepers earlier and closer to the hour they’ll be waking up when school starts.

Get their room ready for back to school

Before your child embarks to school, it’s important to re-decorate and organize their room. For most parents, re-organizing and decorating a child’s room is frustrating. This is especially for boys’ rooms because they have different tastes that seem to change now and then. However, it is the high time you prepared your children to be responsible individuals by ensuring that they feel satisfied with what they have. A baby nursery is always a special thing to a parent, but after the child has outgrown this stage, the next phase calls for a room that has more staying power.

10 Tips on How to Organize Your Child’s Room and Meet the Ever Changing Storage Needs and Taste

  • Paint the walls with a color that can live longer unless you have a passion for painting walls.

  • Retain the basic shell of the room neutral, tasteful, and timeless. You can easily do this by instilling fun in things you can update as the tastes of your child evolve.

  • Shelving for display is very important to your child. Children have pieces that change as they grow up. Therefore, they will need shelves to put them and to remember such memories. You don’t have to pack the toys in a box while you can easily line them up on a shelf.

  • Your child’s room does not require a lot of decoration. Kids always come up with interesting and colorful things they want to display in their rooms. Therefore, your child does not need more stuff; this will increase the clutter. Keep things simple, clean, and classic. You can also use what they have to decorate the room. For example, you can install pegs and hooks to be used for hanging hats.

  • Stick the bookshelf in a strategic place where they can easily access it. Ideally, you can stick it close to the bed to motivate them to keep the books tidy and to read more. Most children books also have colorful decorations. Therefore, you can put them on display with their covers to take care of the decoration part of the room.

  • Remember to check the lighting. Each child should have a good reading light next to the bed.
  • Put an adult chair and lamp in the child’s room if there is enough space to allow mom or dad to read bedtime stories.

  • You should have closed or semi-closed storage bins for your kids. This is because when you have kids, cleaning becomes a never ending responsibility. Therefore, being able to hide things easily is necessary. Having an open shelf is fine only for items that are on display. However, everything else should be enclosed in a basket or bin to make it less visible.

  • Do not throw away those old large toy boxes; they can be useful to store costumes or dress up clothes. Such boxes are too big to effectively organize and store toys.

  • Your child requires an organization system that is easy to learn and use. Many parents have found out that under bed containers work perfectly to reduce the clutter in their rooms. Label the containers with usable and practical labels. For example, you can have TOOLS and COSTUMES categories among many others.

In case your child’s room needs to be renovated, ensure you call in experienced and qualified professionals. Most children rooms require floor refinishing services. This will not only make your child’s room to look beautiful, but also increase the value of your house. While you are on it, get a qualified carpet cleaner for clean environment to remove the dirt that has accumulated over time especially when the children are on holiday.

After you have set up your child’s room, give them cleaning responsibilities for them to learn how to maintain their personal items. You can incorporate a 15 minutes daily cleaning routine before the dinner routine. This is the best time for your children to learn how to keep their rooms in order.

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