21 Back to School Lunch Ideas

The kids are about to go back to school or they have already started. One thing is for sure in my house, they always come home hungry.  In an effort to change the cook-to-order made rush I experience every day after school, I decided to make some changes with new lunch ideas.

21 Fun Back to school lunch ideas

I want to make lunches that they will actually be interested in eating that is also nutritious.  I asked some of my favorite blogger friends for ideas and they were kind enough to share with us.  They came up with some great lunch ideas.  Some are twists on classics and others are all new.

The Frugal Navy Wife ~ 10 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas
The Frugal Navy Wife ~ Home School Lunch Ideas
Honey and Lime ~ Turkey Pesto and Avocado Rolls
Thrifty Jinxy ~ Homemade Uncrustables PBJ
Thrifty Jinxy ~ Apple Sandwich Recipes
Thrifty Jinxy ~ Wouth West Turkey Wrap
Thrifty Jinxy ~ Chicken Taco Bento Box Lunch
Living Sweet Moments ~ Kid Friendly Turkey Sandwiches
Living Sweet Moments ~ Peanut Butter Roll Up Recipes
Bunny’s Warm Oven ~ Peanut Butter Granola
Bunny’s Warm Oven ~ Peanut Butter Snack Spread
The Culinary Jumble ~ Cheddar and Ham Pinwheels
The Culinary Jumble ~ Gluten Free Cottage Cheese and Chives Quiches
Wanna Bite ~ Five Easy Lunch Box Meals
Money Wise Moms ~ School Lunch Round Up
Bake Craft DIY ~ Minion Bananas
Domestically Blissful ~ Watermelon Fruit Leather
Domestically Blissful ~ Strawberry Fruit Leathers
Domestically Blissful ~ Apple Cranberry Chicken Salad
Domestically Blissful ~ Italian Pressed Sandwiches
Six Dollar Family ~ Oatmeal Cookie Fruit Nut Bar

I really wanted to get bento boxes and get fancy, but I’m just not that talented with so many lunches.  But we did find some cute lunch box accessories on amazon (affiliate links):

Bento Box Containers  Lunch box ice packs   Bento Box Cups

What are some changes or lunch ideas you have for back to school this year?

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