Back-to-School Survival Tips

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Surviving the Back to School Rush

Every year we are pretty excited for school to start back up. This year, however, school started a week earlier than usual and visions of back-to-school shopping and after-school chaos popped in my head. I am determined this year to make the transition from school to homework to dinner a little more survivable.

Surviving Back-to-School

After school starts like any other, I pick the kids up, they rush in the house with a quietness similar to that of a marching band proclaiming their hunger, the amount of homework they need to do, and there is soccer practice. As you can imagine it can be very chaotic.  So we have taken some steps to reclaim our sanity and calm.

Back to School Glasses for Kids

Back-to-School Tips:

1.  Finish Appointments:  Before summer is over get all the health appointments out of the way.  It can be challenging finding an appointment that doesn’t require taking the kids out of school.

Check-Ups –  This is a perfect time if you have a sports physical due, need vaccinations to start school or just a well check-up.

Dental Cleanings – I like to schedule the kids’ dental cleanings in the summer and spring.  We have a big family so it takes about a week to get everyone done, but it is totally worth it.  They start school with fresh breath, shiny teeth,  and it doesn’t interfere with school time.

Vision Checks – This is another good one to get done during the summer.  Getting a vision check is so important even if you don’t suspect the need glasses.  One of our daughters started complaining of headaches only when she was reading.  Turns out she needed reading glasses and doesn’t complain about headaches anymore.

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2. Prepare for the Rush:  Know what’s for dinner?  Can you prepare any of it ahead of time?  Many times, if I’m not prepared, I’ll be helping with homework while making dinner.  So if you can have some of it prepared or ready to get cooking ahead of time it goes a long way in helping you have more time.  The slow cooker is our friend.

3. Afterschool snacks:  I know the kids eat at school, but for whatever reason, they come home starving.  I like to have a lot of snacks ready to go like granola bars, muffins, sandwiches, etc.  The sooner they get their chow on, the sooner they will get their lunch done.

4. Pencils Sharpened:  Sounds simple right, but no matter how many pencils I buy they seem to disappear.  Have your own little stash of pencils sharpened and ready to go.  If you can have a station ready for supplies and remind the kids to put the stuff back everything “should” be available and easier to find.

5. Clean Table/Quiet Place:  Before the kids come home I make sure our dining table aka. our homework table is clean and free of distractions.  If there are any little siblings they have to play elsewhere.

Back-to-school tips

Try these simple steps before school starts to make the transition back-to-school even easier.

Back-to-school guide

I know there is a lot of different things we can do to help with going back-to-school.

Did I miss anything?  Share with us how you prepare for back-to-school?

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