Back to School Shopping with Groupon

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Back to School shopping is nearly here and if there is one thing I have learned to do with such a large family, it is to find good deals.  We have two kids going back to college and the other four are in grade school.

back to school shopping

We always check Groupon discount codes for stores in our area. Sometimes you will find deals online and in the store.  I prefer to shop in-store that way I can make sure that all the clothes fit well and possibly have room for a little growth.

Groupon Coupons

The best way for me to keep track of all the supplies is to keep a list.  I also like to make a note of the last sizes they were wearing so we can start in the right area of the store.

  1. Child
    • Socks/Undies (pkg)
    • Shirts (6)
    • Pants/shorts/skirts (5)
    • Shoes (1)
    • Backpack/lunch box

I make this list per child.  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of school outfits, but the kids grow so much we will need to shop again soon.  I do the same thing when shopping for school supplies.  It also helps to get interchangeable colors.

There are many great places to find back to school deals, I like to check first to see what deals are available at our local stores.  Places close to me that normally have pretty good deals are:

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