7 Ways To Make Your Kids Interested In Science

There are many ways in which you can get your kids to develop an interest in science. Find a way that works for your kids. Today, STEM careers are the biggest earners in the world. What with tech people joining the lists of the world’s richest people every year? But a career in the STEM fields is not all about money. These careers also help business and humanity in one way or the other. In that case, getting your kids interested in science is important because they could end up doing humanity a great service.


Stay In The Shadows

Most parents are too eager to make their kids interested in science such that they get in the way too much and without knowing, they actually end up making their children lose interest in science. Science subjects are curious subjects, that is, they arouse a lot of curiosity. In that light then, step out of the line of vision of your babies, let them follow their natural curiosity and once their interest in science is piqued, you can come in and help them discover more. Find some balance here because you want the kids to get interested in STEM, but you do not want to seem to be trying too hard.

Bring Science Into Everyday Life Of Your Children

That is right, children need to experience the STEM subjects at work every day for them to appreciate just how simple science is. From the food they take, the drinks and the everyday things that they do, you will find a lot of science all around you if you look hard enough. This daily application of science should show them that science is so easy.

Make Science As Fun As Possible

Just imagine how much zoology your children can learn in a national park or how much botany they can learn from a nature garden. It is awesome the things that science adds to your plate. Thankfully, these places offer more learning disguised as fun, and this is so important because it does not feel like learning. That way, the children learn much more than they would in a class setting.  Go for nature hikes, bird watching, museums and many more interesting places. Science is a pleasure, not punishment. In case you are busy as a parent, you can hire a science tutor at home for your kids.

Assign Children Scientific Activities

When you go hiking and other outdoor adventures, you can assign activities to children depending on their age. The older children can collect data and keep notes, others can take pictures of different specimens while smaller children can play the game of identifying things, collecting specimens and so on. Later on after the adventure, you can all compare notes and see what you came up with.

Go With Your Child’s Flow

Some children love the rough sciences, some might even attempt dissecting a frog and putting it back together. Others love the slimy kind of science where they hunt for a specimen in the mud, in rivers and such places. Every kind of science is good enough so whichever side your child seems to lean towards, encourage them. If they want to change their mind in future, encourage them to when the time comes.

Television Helps In Learning

Television is not all bad. You can use it to watch different kinds of science shows with your children. Shows involving wildlife on land or in the water are very good for children and they love such. But science is not just about the wildlife shows on Nat Geo and other similar shows. You can catch science and technology shows with your kids over the weekend. You can also buy shows from MythBusters or a similar series and see how the kids like them.

Engage The Children Talk/Think About Their Futures

It is never too early to start provoking career thoughts in the minds of your children. For example, after you have been to an astrology center, you can ask your children what they would like to be. Teach them about the different STEM jobs and what each involves. If they ask questions, answer them to the best of your ability. Whenever you are with the children and you meet people in STEM careers, encourage the children to ask questions. Seeing people who make a living out of science will encourage the children to love science.

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