My Favorite Photograph of the Year

Happy World Photography Day, today I thought I would share with you one of my recent favorite photos, the story behind it and a couple little photography tips that go a long way.  First of all I love photography it is an amazing opportunity to capture a celebrated event, an unexpected moment, or a memory that I want to keep for years to come. Too bad I don’t have enough wall space for all my favorite photographs.

When the folks at offered me a photo gift, I chose one of my recent favorites.  A picture of my youngest girls at a celebration in the little town I grew up.

My favorite photograph

Every year the town of Hawthorne, Nevada celebrates the Armed Forces and all those that have served.  There is an amazing parade, a fly over, exhibits, vendor booths, places for the kids to play, good food and everyone comes from all over the country.

On this day the weather was perfect and overcast.  I love taking pictures on overcast days, the lighting is perfect and I’m not battling the sun’s glare.  I was walking around taking pictures with my cell phone and my Nikon.  The girls were very eager to get their faces painted and sat perfectly still while the artists did their handy work.  As you can see they were pretty pleased with the outcome.

[Take several shots of one moment.  I can’t think of how many pictures I have taken where it’s perfect expect for one child blinks.]

[Taking pictures on overcast days.  I will jump on the opportunity to take pictures on overcast days.  The pictures aren’t bleached out.  Colors seem truer.]

The kids had already sat on military planes and helicopters, watched a parade, ran for candy, and now it was time to play.  The first thing they did was get their faces painted, then they played on all the bounce houses, then the two older girls jumped with bungee ropes and the oldest topped off this adventure with a Bull Ride!

As you can see there are a lot of fun memories packed into this one day.  So that is why I chose it to for my photo gift.  What did I choose?  Well it wasn’t easy because there are a lot of gorgeous options.  I chose to put their image on a throw and I have to say it turned out way better then I expected.

A favorite memory captured on a photo gift

What do you think of this photo and photo gift?  Now when I am cuddled up on the couch watching the game, I can have my littlest ones surrounding me.

Thank you for this gorgeous throw.  I wasn’t compensated for this post, my opinions are my own.

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