5 Ways You and Your Family Can Go Green

5 Ways You and Your Family Can Go Green

Moms are known for their taking the reins when the situation calls for it, so it’s only natural we lead the charge for green living. Living an environmentally friendly lifestyle isn’t rocket science, but it does take a dedication. Read on for tips to guide your family into greener pastures:

Use Reusable Shopping Bags

When grocery shopping, it’s convenient to simply put your items in the bags they provide and bring them home. The problem is, those bags build up around your house and the earth. If you don’t recycle it, a plastic bag takes 450 years to decompose, according to HealthGuidance.org. Mesh and fabric tote bags don’t contribute to this environmental hazard, because you’ll reuse your bag again and again. Plus, totes are sturdier than plastic and paper bags, so they won’t break on your trip from the car to the front door.

Shop the Farmers Market

Farmers markets are a treat for many reasons. In many cases, the produce doesn’t have the levels of pesticides or artificial additives as fruits and vegetables shipped from afar. It is also good for the local economy because it keeps money within your community, and if you have a question about your produce, the grower is right there to answer.

Walk, Carpool and Drive Green

Do you really need to drive your vehicle for every trip outside the home? Walking and biking only take the energy you put into them, and they are great forms of exercise. Plus, these modes of transportation offer great bonding experiences for you and your kids. For times when you do need to drive, choose an environmental vehicle, like an Acura Hybrid ILX or TSX Sport Wagon. According to FuelEconomy.com, the Acura Hybrid gets 38 combined miles to the gallon, while the Chevy Spark gets 24. Both have generous warranties, and it’s easy to buy Acura parts or Chevy add-ons to personalize your car and ensure it runs clean and green.

Watch Energy Use and Teach Good Habits to Kids

Energy Star appliances are the result of a 20-year public-private partnership aimed at helping Americans save energy, save money and reduce their carbon footprints. Added bonus: When you pay more attention to your energy habits, your children learn to develop good habits as well. Besides turning off the lights, teach your children to unplug devices when they’re not in use. According to ConsumerEnergyCenter.org, appliances like stereos, DVD players, computers, printers and phone chargers use energy even when they’re turned off.

DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

You can make your own green cleaning solutions from natural products you already have in your home. Bring your kids into the process, too—it may sway them into wanting to help you clean. Baking soda and vinegar are two staples of green house cleaning; try this all-purpose cleaner from eartheasy.com: Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda with two liters of water. You can store and keep this solution until you use it up. Also, lemon juice kills most household bacteria, and isopropyl alcohol makes a great disinfectant.

Your efforts matter! Try these green living solutions today.

About Author:  Erica Kendrick

Erica has always maintained values of health and wellness in her kids and now, as a freelance writer, she has the opportunity to share those values with her readers.

Originally published May 13, 2013

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