Five Kitchen Appliances for the Pursuers of Luxury Lifestyle

If you have enough means to live a stable yet luxurious lifestyle, then why not pamper yourself with luxury home appliances? A word of caution here. These products are not cheap. There is an Electrolux oven range retailing for $100,000 that happens to be one of the most expensive appliances ever made. According to ABC News, the product was made to cater to the needs of the luxury foodie market. Now we are not asking you to go for such an extravagant stove, but if you want something similar you can actually be wise about it and try some black Friday deals to satisfy your luxury hunt while saving big bucks. So here are top five luxury home appliances you really need to consider.

Elegant Home Decorating

GE Cafe Series Oven

This Cafe Series oven by GE offers a restaurant-inspired cooking featuring French door ovens. Buyers can easily control the cooking appliance from their smartphones even when they are at their neighbors or desire preheating the oven on their way home. The oven bakes desserts evenly utilizing warm air that it blows from the sides and top. One of the most attractive functionalities of this luxury oven is its ability to cook a complete meal at once. The bit about this oven that I particularly love is its ability to clean itself. Yes, the oven is self-cleaning and allows users to skip scrubbing the interior.

La Cornue

Looking for the ultimate luxury kitchen range? Try the elite La Cornue. This particular range is handmade to order and perfectly embraces the idea of culinary architecture. The company behind it considers it as an heirloom piece. This means that it’s strong enough to withstand time and can be passed down through generations. The Château Series of this kitchen range comes in 8,000 configurations for customers desiring a dream range featuring a patented vaulted system that originated in 1908.

Viking Tuscany Range

The Viking Tuscany range is definitely a less overrated option than the La Cornue European range and features 20,000 BTU. The appliance fits seamlessly into any Italian-inspired kitchen and looks absolutely amazing. Drawing inspiration from Florence’s exquisite reputation of being a foodie haven, the Viking comes with the top-quality cooking capability and an Italian design. Buyers can choose from five distinct cooking options and this includes two ovens and gas burners. Both the ovens are capable of easy convection cooking. They are also designed to fulfill the needs of different styles of cooking, which even includes large feasts. The tubes and heads of this appliance are dishwasher safe and provide easy cleaning.

Dacor Discovery WineStation

Who doesn’t love wine? With the Dacor Discovery WineStation buyers can stock up on their favorite wines the luxury way. The wine station features dishwasher safe components, a temperature-controlled station easily dispensing up to four wines and is very easy to use. The company behind this product also promises a high-quality tasting for nearly up to 60 days of the bottle opening. Now that’s some serious promises there. Buyers can also customize their pours per bottle to offer the perfect amount of wine while partying with friends.

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