Essential Tips for Buying a Residential Garage Door

Any change you do to your house, be it big or small renovations, will affect its overall value. Home improvement projects are long-term and require a lot of thought.

Choosing the right garage door

The same goes for your garage door. More than just an entrance, a garage door covers roughly 40% of your house’s exterior. A modern garage door not only boosts your curb appeal, it’ll also help reduce heating and cooling energy costs and increase your house’s resale value.

Shopping for a new garage door is not as easy as it sounds. You can’t just pick any door. It should be the perfect fit in terms of design, insulation value, and safety features.

Here are some helpful points to get you started:

What’s the Purpose of Your Garage?

The type of garage door will largely depend on the purpose of the garage. Is it just for vehicle storage? Have you converted it to a living space like a gym, bedroom, or play area? Are you planning to spend a lot of time in the garage?

Your answer will help determine your garage door’s material and insulation rating. For example, you’ll need a garage door with high insulation rating if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the garage, to ensure that you’re comfortable when the outside temperature rises or drops.

What’s the Style of Your House?

There are online design visualizers you can use to give you an idea of what your house will look like with different garage door styles. Simply upload a photo of your house and let the design process begin.

Decide on the style of the garage door. Ask yourself which design best suits the overall theme of your house. Does a handcrafted wooden garage door satisfy a cabin-like vibe? How about a traditional carriage house garage door? A glass garage door for a stylish, modern look perhaps?

It’s important that the garage door style you want complements your house to avoid a disjointed and choppy look.

Is Insulation a Priority?

When buying a garage door, it’s insulation value, or R-value, is very important especially if you have an attached garage that shares a wall with a living area. The higher the R-value, the more efficient a garage door will be in keeping the garage cool during summer, or warm during winter. An R-value of at least 14 is recommended for attached and heated garage doors.

An insulated garage door will not only regulate the temperature inside the garage to a comfortable level, it’ll also help lower down energy costs for heating and cooling.

There Are Never Enough Questions to Ask

Never shy away from asking any question that pops into your mind when buying a garage door. NationServe, a company that installs garage doors in Tempe Arizona will answer all your questions, from design options to maintenance services. They also offer garage door repair and parts replacement services.

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