Win A BoogieWipes & Pampers Kandoo Prize Pack and Coupons Too!!

I received a package of Boogie Wipes and Pampers Kandoo Wipes for review purposes in the nick of time. All the little ones were sick. What was in the box? Fresh and Grape scented boogie wipes, shampoo, flushable wipes and coupons.

Toys “R” Us is now offering a two for one coupon on Boogie Wipes saline nose wipes, currently available in three different scents grape, fresh, and unscented. In addition, Pampers Kandoo is a featured coupon available at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us this coupon is buy one get one for any product in the Pampers Kandoo product line; ranging from flushable wipes to bubble bath to suit all your bathroom needs.  

 Both deals are available in store without a coupon!

Look for these coupons at your Toys “R” Us and/or Babies “R” Us store..


Visit BoogieWipes & Pampers Kandoo to learn more about their products and special offers. |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Facebook

So how about that giveaway…  Win this prize pack that includes some lovely coupons..



  1. I love both boogie wipes and Kandoo. I have fond memories of a Kandoo music CD they gave out years ago when my oldest was potty training. We still jam out to that one! 🙂

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