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Art And Writing Supplies For Back To School 2018

The other day I broke the news to my youngest daughter that back to school time is quickly approaching. She was shocked! Luckily, she perked up when I asked her if she was ready for back to school shopping.

Thinking back to my own childhood, and the excitement I had for picking out school supplies despite the fact it meant the end of summer, reinforced my desire to make it just as special for my children.

Back to school shopping is the one chance each student can pick out pens and pencils, markers and highlighters, paper and notebooks, that best represent their personality whether that means fun and whimsical, colorful and imaginative, or cool and creative.
Shopping Online
The best part of back to school shopping nowadays is shopping around online for exactly what my kids are looking for. We’re no longer constrained by one store’s selection of backpacks and writing supplies, or by the few hours we have on our “back to school shopping” day.

Now, I can hand the computer over to the kids and let them peruse with ease until they’ve found that perfect set of markers, whether they be scented markers or erasable markers, notebooks to color and draw on, or gel pens for smooth note taking.

This year I plan to show my daughter all the back to school collections at my favorite online retailers and let her pick out a few things of her own before buying all the not so exciting things she’ll actually need, like tissues, hand sanitizer, and dry erase markers… boo!
Glitter Gel Pens
Knowing my daughter has a strong flare for doodling, she’ll gravitate to those supplies that are packed full of cheerful colors and exciting effects. First on my list to show her are Radiant Writers glitter gel pens because they write so smoothly. I already had given her a set of 100 gel pens for her birthday, but she quickly informed me that glitter gel pens like the radiant writers is where it’s at.
Neon Gel Crayon Highlighters
Next on my list to show her to accompany her gel pens will be Fresh Pick scented neon gel crayon highlighters. I’ll be making sure she sees these just because they’re so different, and as unique as she is.

They’re actually gel crayons that can be twisted up whenever more is needed. They gently highlight notes without bleeding through the paper. And, they double as creative art crayons too, adding a splash of neon to your student’s next great doodle.
Stay Sharp Pencils
Third on my list, and hopefully third on hers too, would be Stay Sharp pencils – rainbow pack, purely for nostalgia’s sake. Run out of led, and all you have to do is take the old lead cartridge from the bottom and move it to the top.

So, while my daughter is enjoying the thrill of picking out the most creative, colorful, imaginative art and writing supplies for her back to school preparations, I’ll be right next to her reliving my own childhood with all these fun choices.

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