Hi my name is Anjanette aka. Momma Young, I am a Wife, Mom, and Social Media enthusiast.  The hubby and I have been married nearly 25 years and we have six kiddos.  We live & play in Reno, NV.

Young Family

We are a large and busy family like most trying to raise responsible kids, helping with homework, attending their sporting events, and hobbies.  I am a “work-at-home-mom” with a long list of things to do:  homework checking, cleaning, washing, feeding, grocery shopping, coupon hunting, paying the bills and so much more.

Young Family WarriorStyle

Hobbies?  I love to craft, take pictures, sewing, garden, sing, play bass, read, and create recipes…  We have a lot of musicians in the family.  My husband JD, who I often refer to as PapaBear, is a Guitar Whisperer.  My oldest daughter is an Artist and Musician.  My son is a super athlete.  My four youngest daughters love being girly; hair, nails, dollies, glitter, and unicorns!

Favorite pass time?  Spending time with the hubby.  When time allows and my babysitter is available we like going to concerts and other events in Reno.  I love crafting with our kids, making fun recipes and watching their sporting events.

I can’t cling to one niche, you might say we are a Renaissance family.

I play with food A LOT.  #Foodie

Food Crafter
I write about fun things to do with the Family, Recipes, and Saving Money.  We LOVE cooking and creating recipes and as you can imagine we like to party…  Birthdays, Holidays and Events..

Party Time
Don’t miss a post and get a heads up about events, giveaways and much more.

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