7 Easy Ways to Add Romance

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7 Quick and easy tips for adding romance to your marriage

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Red hearts, chocolates, and flowers can be found at the front of almost every store I walk in. This must means that Valentine’s Day is almost here. The one day a year that people go out of their way for romance. Personally, I prefer to sprinkle in a little romance as much as possible. The beauty of romance is that it doesn’t need to be time consuming. The smallest acts can have the biggest impact. So take some time to add romance into your life today.

  1. Start an appreciation calendar. It only takes a few seconds to write down or type something your spouse did that you appreciate. Showing recognition to a man will boost his ego and make him feel more desirable. He will then be more likely to show you appreciation in return.
  2. Turn on your song and dance together. Depending on your song this will take 7 minutes tops, we all can find 7 minutes in a day to spare. Music is mood boosting and physical touch can increase emotional intimacy. So go ahead, take a really short trip down memory lane. Besides, it is great for the kids to watch their parents dance and be in love.
  3. Have a coffee date for the two of you to talk. If you don’t have access to a sitter then you can have the date right at home. Just 15-20 minutes for the two of you to talk. Don’t talk about everything that needs to be done around the house, or what you have been angry about. Use this time to talk about why you two love each other, a favorite memory, whatever the topic just keep it positive and about both of you.
  4. Start a marriage bucket list. Is there a vacation you would love to take with your spouse? Maybe your husband has always wanted you to attend a sporting event, but knew you weren’t into sports. Be sure to have things that each of you want to do. Once your list is complete you can begin planning to check things off.
  5. Hold hands again. In the car, while shopping, while watching TV, actually you can hold hands almost anywhere. It is so small and takes so little effort, yet has a lasting impact.
  6. Make a video message for your spouse. It doesn’t need to be anything spectacular, just use your smart phone. Tell him what makes your heart beat faster, or your favorite things about him, or even why you fell for him. Keep it short enough to send to his phone. Then on the rough days, he will have this to look back on.
  7. Act like kids together. Go to the park and swing together, play in the rain, have a mud fight; whatever you choose just have fun together. Forget you are parents and spouses and let the worries of life slip away for a little while. Laughter can be the best medicine and makes for great romance. After all, when was the last time a grumpy face screamed romance to you? Dropping our “roles” and getting down to the basics of romance, fun and love, will have an impact beyond the playground.

If all else fails and you can’t seem to add romance into your marriage, then sit down and take the 5 Love Language quiz. Knowing your partners love language is a great tool. You might be giving the love you wish to receive and vice versa. ┬áHave a happy Valentine’s day and be sure to let me know if any of these tips work for you.

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  1. says

    I love the idea of an appreciation calender – sometimes we get soo busy in life that we don’t take the time to realize how much our spouses do for us. I think we are going to start doing this – thanks for sharing!

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