Four foods that fight the bulge like magic

Beautiful salmon filet that is one of the healthiest foods you can eat

Nearly all of us know the struggle of fighting the bulge. No one wants a lumpy tummy or muffin top, but these trouble areas tend to stick around. There’s no single silver bullet for eliminating unsightly extra pounds, but eating a combination of the best bulge-fighting foods is key. Here’s what you should add to… 

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Fitness Friday: Beginning the Journey

Fitness Friday Beginning the Journey

13 years ago, I lost a lot of weight, I was 10 pounds shy of what medical society would consider a perfect weight.  It took a lot of work, dedication and determination.  When I look back at my state of mind, I didn’t recognize it as effort, it was easy, it was a way of… 

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Calorease Reviews from Fellow Bloggers

Calorease Reviews

Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes.  Opinions given are my own. When I was younger I use to try weight loss remedies with out thinking too much about it.  Nowadays I am not fond of taking any thing including medicine for fear of their reaction.  So why did I accept Calorease to review? … 

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I’m a #SmoothBlogger Ambassador #spon


Hello everybody Guess What? I’m Smooth Fitness #SmoothBlogger and have received an Exercise bike in exchange for my honest opinion.  I will be posting about for the next 4 months.  Opinions given are my own. I’ll admit I was pretty excited.  We had already been researching what would be the best option for us a… 

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Weigh Wednesday – Weight Watchers Edition II

weight loss

I received membership to WeightWatchers Online, while participating in Fitspiration For Moms Community Campaign.   Well its my 2nd month using Weight Watchers but I can’t really say using it because I haven’t been using all the great tools as much as I should, again I’ve been letting life will the things that I do…. 

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Nectresse Natural No Calorie Sweetener Giveaway (closed)

nectresse giveaway

Nectresse is a new no calorie sweetener from the makers of Splenda. It is made from a combination of Monk Fruit extract, erythritol, sugar and molasses. Save your calories without sacrificing the sweet flavor you love. Since Nectresse is concentrated you will use less per serving than sugar. If you like your coffee with a… 

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Voli Light Vodka Giveaway

voli light vodka giveaway

Voli Light Vodka is a low calorie vodka that is perfect for those looking to have a drink and stay within their calorie range. There are seven vodka flavors: original, espresso vanilla fusion, raspberry cocoa fusion, orange vanilla fusion, lemon flavored vodka, and mango coconut fusion.Can we all say yum?!? I would imagine that the… 

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Good Morning Folks. How did everyone to this past week?  I wouldn’t say I did bad, but just completely forgot to journal my food and judging for the chapped lips, didn’t drink enough water either.  So this week I really need to concentrate on tracking…  Water Intake, Food Journal & Weight Loss Journal.   So since my… 

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