Stepping Back in Time and a “Baby Belly” workout.

Baby Belly Work out

There was a time when I didn’t feel pain and was active everyday.  I may not have been the ideal weight, according to physical charts, but I was in excellent shape. I often think back and reminisce about the endurance and agility I once possessed.  In Jr High I was in track, in High school it… 

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Is your body trying to tell you something?

Have you ever questioned your immune system? I didn’t usually until last week. Monday started out pretty messed up, but I turned my frown upside down and had a nice lunch with my honey, washed and vacuumed the truck and took the babies to the park. If you don’t think that sounds like a big… 

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When you fall down get back up!

This past week little miss bookieboo asked us what is the one thing that sabotages our efforts.  The first thing I said without thinking is “Stress.”  When I am stressed I lack serious control with my emotional eating.  I have all kinds of discipline until a stresser enters the equation. When those times occur I… 

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