Say “Ole!” not “Oh no!” to dairy this Cinco de Mayo with new lactose free recipes

Redwood Hill's Avocado Soup

Hi Folks, Zimba here from Redwood Hill Farms.  The girls and I have cooked up some Cinco de Mayo recipes.  Cinco De Mayo has become a popular time north of the border to enjoy food and beverages traditional to this holiday.   As you prepare for your own fiesta, you may want to consider recipes… 

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Lactose Free Green Valley Organics – Review

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There is one thing about being lactose intolerant; you miss out on a lot of tasty yummies. When my oldest was little we didn’t know what was going on, she could only describe what she was feeling as a little child could.  What we found out was that she was lactose intolerant like most of my family…. 

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