Change the Lighting to Change the Mood

When it comes to creating atmosphere in a room, using different styles of light and light bulbs can have a pretty big impact on how well you achieve this. To create a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom Installing dimmer switch in rooms that you go to sleep in can help you to create a relaxing atmosphere. If you still want some light to read a book then you can choose what … [Read more...]

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wood Stove

Many people think that a wood burner looks nice in a family living room, and they will provide heat too. If you are currently thinking of installing one into a room in your home, then here are some things that you may want to keep in mind when you are weighing up the pros and cons of doing so. Think about the size of the stove Before you buy a wood burning stove, consider … [Read more...]

Carpet option for my stairway.


School is just a month away and when that happens I always want to get the house super clean and make any renovations.  Why?  Because I will be running around like crazy with sports, school, birthdays and holidays.  I won't have any time until March. My first item on the agenda is the stairway carpet.  We had the carpets clean down stairs so when I look upstairs I see the … [Read more...]

Revamping my Girls’ Closets with Dremel Saw-Max!

Ebay 003

I have a huge list of "Honey Do's" this weekend granted I won't get them all done, but I am happily going to get them started.  The first thing that has been driving me bonkers is my girls' closets.. I don't like doors on closets, I always feel like they hide an entrance to lost space.  Space I could be using in a better way.  Plus they pinch little fingers, so they are out of … [Read more...]

Rugs Miami has what I need…

  I have been looking for Kitchen Area Rugs and haven't had any luck until recently.  My color for the kitchen is Dark blue, but I seem to have a lot of Chrome and black as well.  My cupboards are a shade of red and I have tried in the past to use red area rugs, but that is too much.  Here are the designs and colors I have narrowed it down to: I love how bright, … [Read more...]

Home Improvements – Roofs, Sidewalks & Wasps…

Dirt Front Walk

I have been in my home for two years now and happy to say the roof is finally getting done; don't think we could handle one more session of rain or wind.  Here is a picture last winter after a 40 mph windy day: I don't know if you notice all the shingles on the ground, but they go every where when the wind comes; front yard, side yards and back yards, I am afraid it will … [Read more...]

Need help from my green thumbed friends…

Hi All, Well its spring and I have been very busy trying to get my yard to my standards. I have a couple questions. Well I have two plants in my new yard. I would really like to know what they are and how do I care for them: Plant #1 Thanks so much in advance. … [Read more...]