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These days it can be hard to find free and reliable health information on the internet. Oh don’t get me wrong there is A LOT of free information, but is it reliable? HealthTap is a free service where users receive personalized health information on the web or on their mobile device.  Answers received are  immediate and accurate everday from… 

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10 Tips to Help Keep Your Resolutions

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Well it’s January 31st, how are your resolutions going?  Mine are going pretty good except I made so many they are hard to remember.  I figured there are many out there like myself, so here are 10 tips from Lori Rose Benson, Vice President of Healthy Lifestyles at the YMCA of Greater New York. 1.      Repeat,… 

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Tips for Weight Loss during the Holidays

holiday dinner

I have a love hate relationship.  I absolutely love everything about the holidays; family, festivities and FOOD.  I absolutely hate the weight that I always put on during the holidays.  So it was nice to receive some tips from Dr. Wayne Andersen founder of Take Shape For Life. Here are his tips and I think they… 

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6 Weight Loss Strategies

As you know I am about to have a baby and I really want to be ready to start my weight loss regimen.  I love tips that are simple and easy to understand.  You know, the ones that don’t require too much thought. Here is a list of weight loss strategies from Expert Nutritionist Dr. Andersen,… 

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A Surprising Survival Tip for New Moms

Moms need hobbies. I know, I know; what moms need– particularly new moms – is sleep. However, once you’ve caught up with your sleep, you will quickly find that the repetitive routine of diapers, dishes and doctor visits will produce a lot of stress and very little satisfaction in your life. The connection between hobbies… 

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Acne and Pregnancy

Acne is a difficult problem for women to deal with during pregnancy because options for treatment are very limited. Many doctors would rather avoid prescribing any type of medication, because the risk to the baby may be unknown. Certain acne medications can even cause serious birth defects, so preventative measures are usually the best option…. 

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Healthy Travel Tips

We have been talking about summer travel and safety tips over at Momma Young’s, but what we haven’t covered is healthy habits while traveling. It has been a long time since I have traveled or been on vacation for any period of time.  When we did go on these trips, whatever diet plan or exercise… 

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Decoding the Deli

I don’t know about everyone else, but I love the deli counters specially when I am expecting new little ones.  Without really researching or looking into it I have always thought deli’s would be a healthy choice.  Well they are filled with great choices and not so great.  Here is some advice from Women’s Health… 

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