Paper Crafts: Christmas Fire Crackers

Christmas Firecrackers

My Sis and I have been talking for years about making firecrackers for Christmas.  Finally 5 years later, we were able to get to it.  They are cute little crafts with candy or other goodies stuffed inside. Here is how to make Christmas Firecrackers. Supplies needed: Paper Towel Rolls Tissue Paper – The cuter the… 

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Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas


  Parents across the land are starting to think about what to get their children for Christmas, and with many families currently struggling to make ends meet, it’s more important than ever to make sure that children’s gifts provide value for money. Toys need to be long-lasting and have plenty of ‘playability’. Making sure gifts… 

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Kickstarting Christmas with DIY Décor Written by Caroline Casetti

Christmas Cookies

As a stay-at-home mother of one (two if you count the hubby), I really enjoy taking the time to get into the holiday spirit. For me, there’s just nothing better than waking up to a winter wonderland complete with hot cocoa, marshmallows, and wonderful Christmas decorations. Because I’m a bargain hunter and a sucker for a good deal, I usually buy… 

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Holiday Cookie Pop Crafts

Cricut Lolipops

Here is a neat craft.  It is great for the Holidays, not just Christmas either.  I think this would be very neat modified for Valentine’s Day; add hearts and shades of pink. Get a variety of craft supplies at your local craft store. Here are very cute crafts using Cricut.   Family Favorite Treat: Holiday… 

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Random Tuesday Thoughts – Cookie Time

08 Sugar Cookies

Tried to watch the Lunar Eclipse last night…  Of course our house is positioned in a way that we had to go outside and see it.  OMGoodness was it cold.  We couldn’t stay out there the whole time. I am not wanting Christmas to come yet.  I wait all year and now it coming to… 

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Random Tuesday Thoughts

Walking the dog every night has helped to ward off the extra pounds.  Only one pound gained at my last check up.  The baby’s heartbeat sounds impressive to the kids. Mmmm decafe hazelnut creme coffee smells good.  I am afraid once baby is born and I am done nursing, I will fall hard off this… 

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It's Party Time

Hi There, Well I am packing up the house like a crazy person. I know it is only a 3 hour drive and only one night, but with 4 kids? It will be interesting to say the least. The concert/food drive is in need now more than ever. Remember the little town I told you… 

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