Fun Sewing Projects for your Kitchen in the new book “Stitching for the Kitchen” by @GooseberryPatch


I received a very neat book to review.  It is Stitching for the Kitchen from Gooseberry Patch.  It has over 30 fairly simple projects to decorate your kitchen and they include: napkins tablecloths runners potholders trivets warmers totes organizers sweet aprons (form Mom and Daughter)      Not only does each project have detailed, easy to… 

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Hillary McKay’s Lulu Books

Lulu Series Book 3

  Thanks everybody for stopping by today, I am glad to be part of the Hilary McKay Blog Tour!  There are two books already released and a delight to read; Lulu and the Duck in the Park  and Lulu and the Dog by the Sea .  These two chapter books are perfect for young readers and my eight year… 

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“A Perfect Pet for Peyton” Children’s book Giveaway – 2 Copies

a perfect pet for peyton

“A Perfect Pet for Peyton” follows Twins Peyton and Penny on their fantastic birthday trip to “Mr. Chapman’s Pet Pal Emporium”. Peyton is beyond excited for his “perfect pet” but learns he must be patient. This beautifully illustrated book also takes you on with bright, vivid colors and hidden details in each picture. Together the… 

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“Six Weeks To OMG” Book Review

fulton_SixWeeksToOMG_HC (2)

I have been around long enough to see all kinds of diet crazes and weight loss epiphanies to last a life time.  I know the human body is the same but very different for everyone, what works for half the population may not work for the other half. So here I sit reviewing yet another weight… 

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Role Mommy Book Club – “The God Box”

I often wonder what legacy am I leaving my children? What touching moment, event or memory will they think of? Do they know just how much I will always love and care for them? After her Mother’s death, Mary Lou Quinlan, author of “The God Box” found ten boxes filled with prayers to God; Prayers for family… 

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How to Make Pizza Dough via Father Dom

Thursday Night Pizza by Father Dominic

Many will agree that pizza is everyones number one favorite thing to eat. And if you asked them I wonder if they would say the pizza dough was key. I think it is. If your looking how to make pizza dough, Father Dom has the perfect recipe below. It’s the only one I use. Fr…. 

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"Diet-Free for Life"

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Ferguson author of the book “Diet-Free For Life”. When I heard the name of the book, I was like oh great what is he going to have me doing.  But than I read on… it is a simple concept and there is no starving myself no… 

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I'm allergic to WHAT?

Growing up I never had allergies, but after I got married and left my mothers home, that all changed.  It started with odities like when I would visit my Mom.  Every time I went to see here I would get sudden head cold symptoms; stuffed up head, watery eyes, sneezing just all around discomfort. 10… 

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