#GetFresh this Back to School season with The Fresh 20, I am!


share the love…I feel so guilty about the amount of money we spend on fast food, not because I can’t get enough but because it is extremely convenient. Running kids to school, sports and other activities. Somewhere in that Im supposed to clean house, take care of babies and make healthy meals. I’ll admit it… 

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Back-to-School #Giveaway – #BTSGuide


share the love…Yay it is back to school time and my kids are so excited… We are too that is why we put together the Back-to-school guide for you on Monday. Candy, Kelley and I thought you might enjoy winning some of the goodies we had on the guide. So here is your chance to… 

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Ten Tips: Back to School Resolutions for Parents by Renee Thompson

Back to school resolutions

share the love… Each new school year is a chance for children to start fresh and establish new routines. The same is true for parents, who play a huge role in a child’s education. As you send your children back to school this year, consider making a few resolutions of your own to make this… 

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Fun #Back-to-School Shopping Guide


share the love…Hello friends what a wonderful time of year… I love fall for many reasons like birthdays and holidays, but first PapaBear and I have 4 kiddos going to school this year.  It is really exciting but so many things to do so many things to get. The girls and I at Candypolooza.com and… 

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Back To School – Pick the right back pack


share the love…Here we are for another back to school shopping session and my (almost 8 yo) daughter has been wanted a Justin Bieber Backpack.  She was torn between a messenger style and a traditional style back pack.    I learned early on that even the cutest back pack could cause a lot of pain.  My oldest… 

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Fantastic Organic Creating Healthy Habits for Back-to-School


share the love… PBS KIDS just launched “Fantastic Organic” with Whole Foods Markets.  It is a campaign with educational tools and resources from healthy eating to families this back-to-school season!   I love the lunch box ideas, I know the kids don’t enjoy PB&J’s on a daily basis.  I want to give the more greens to fuel… 

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{Giveaway} Celebrate “Get Ready for Kindergarten” Month with Quilting Treasures and Dinosaur Train!

Dinosaur Train themed Pencil Case

share the love…I have gone through the first day of Kindergarten three times and I still have three more times to go.  My four year old is begging to go to school.  While I can’t put her in Kindergarten yet, I can  work on things to help prepare her for when it is her turn…. 

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Cereal Treat Bars to help with Back-To-School {Giveaway}


share the love…Well it has our first week of school has passed and we survived.  It was a wild ride and guess what we get to do it all over again next week. The kids have had a great start and they are loving school.  They really only have two concerns…  they are starving and… 

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Wednesday Wamblings – Back to School

Baby girl ready for game

share the love…How has your weekend been?  Everyone back to school? This past week was full of running around with all the back to school shopping; clothes, supplies and books for Mom and Dad.  It continued into the weekend starting Friday with my oldest daughter having Cross Country time trials.  She did very well considering it was… 

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Thinking Back to School Already?

Back to school shopping

share the love…I know it is really early, but with three of the kids in school, the others needing clothes and a baby on the way I need to think about their wardrobe now.  Not to mention, we are on a tight budget and frugality takes effort! My oldest daughter is going into high school,… 

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Random Tuesday Thoughts

share the love… Well Baby is almost here.  This will be my last regular appointment, I will start weekly appointments next.  Almost ready, just have to make room ready for our new little sleeping buddy. I am SO READY for school to start.  Just done I guess trying to entertain the kids, to huge and… 

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Help your local schools with Safeway’s Back-to-School 2 Ways 2 Save


share the love…It is like clock work.  The beginning of the school year the kids are on their toes and making sure Mommy doesn’t forget to cut out the “Box Tops for Education” tags.  My kids have eagle eyes and search out the tags everywhere: The folks at Safeway are helping us along by having… 

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Random Tuesday Thoughts

share the love… I am done with the barbecue for a little while…  smoked on the 4th and straight BBQ on the next.  We’ll be eating left overs for days. Just when you think you don’t have to cut the pieces smaller because your toddler has been eating well, she’ll shove 5 pieces in there…. 

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