Time to Shop for groceries.

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Ok, every two weeks on Thursday and Friday I do my shopping. I shop for the sale and coupon items and my hubby shops for the rest. I scanned my shopping list, here it is:

The list is a general list I always start out with, based on the regular supplies we use and two week menu plan. After I print out the list, I mark off the items I still have and add the items not already on the list.

Next, I go through my grocery coupons for items on sale. I write down which store and for how much. Now I use the highlighter and mark the items I have coupons for. I get REALLY bothered when I forget a coupon, so that is why I highlight them.

Double check Coupons.com for your printables. I also check Shortcuts.com, P&G eSaver.com, and RedPlum.com for sales I can load on my store’s membership card. Smith’s counts my coupon and the coupons loaded on my membership card.

After I have received all the savings I can get, I mark out the items I purchased at the store. Then I hand over the list to my hubby and he gets the rest. Can’t do all my shopping because the weather is cold and I don’t want to freeze my two little ones that shop with me.

Last payday I shopped this way and had a savings of over $60.00.

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