Multiple Coupons for stockpiling.

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Well it is income tax time. When I was a kid, this was the time my Mom would stock the freezer, cupboards and buy the yummy cereal. Of course now I know the yummy cereal was just plain sugar, too expensive and not worth the trouble (my little brother would eat all the marshmallows and put the cereal back in the box.)

Back then my Mom didn’t have as many resources available to her as I do now. Now I have coupons loaded onto my membership card, I can print out coupons and I can find multiple coupons.

Why use multiple coupons? Its an important strategy to saving money: it multiplies the savings for items I buy, lets me build a stockpile, lets me maximize store sales, keeps me from paying full price when I can buy at the best possible price. If I use multiple coupons during a sale. I can double, even triple my savings.

How do I get multiple coupons? Well I could by 10 Sunday papers, but where is the savings in that. I prefer my favorite source, Hot Coupon World (I know, I talk about them all the time, but I love how much it helps me.) My favorite tool there is the Coupon Database. I use it to search, trade, and manage my coupon inventory. I search for my favorite coupons. There are hundreds of people who enter coupons they have and are also in search of. For instance, recently I traded with a fellow “couponer” for baby food. I used those coupons during a sale and bought 4 boxes of baby cereal for .40 cents each ($4.00 savings.) I bought 40 jars of baby food for .25 cents each ($7.50 savings.)

That is just a small example of the savings. There are also sites like MyPoints offering a multitude of savings including Office Depot coupons and sales .

Oh and for those that love their trips to Target : Chris. There is a Target Coupon Generator. I am not a big Target person myself, but you can save paper, ink, and clipping time generating multiples of target in-store coupons. Remember, in-store coupons can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings.

So my plan (to happen in a couple of weeks) will need some supplies: butcher paper, tape, and freezer bags.

Here is a list of items I will buy in large amounts on sale and if I can help it, with coupons:

Frozen chicken breasts
Ground Beef
Baby Food
Frozen Pizza
Peanut Butter

Bath Soap
Shampoo Conditioner
Laundry Detergent
Tooth paste
Contact Solution
Feminine Products

Again, this is a couple weeks away, but I will report on how I did with savings.

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