Early Stocking Stuffer Shopping Alert!!! MG Device… A dedicated portable Wi-Fi gaming system

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My kids will go bonkers over this one when they pull it out of their stockings…!

I know you have heard it before…

“Mom can I play on your phone?”

“Mom can I download this game?”

“Mom what’s your password, I want to play this game.”

Don’t have to do that anymore…  The MG Device is the first dedicated portable Wi-Fi gaming system for Android freemium app market.  No more expensive packaged games and expensive data plans…  With the MG, kids get to enter the world of Wi-Fi App gaming while parents can safely and affordably give it to them.   We can reclaim our tablets and smartphones.

Something I find very neat is MG’s Collaboration with…. “Digital Wallet” and “Remote Trust” which lets parents create “game allowances” through a re-loadable BillMyParents SpendSmart prepaid MasterCard.  Your kids will able to download and play the games from the app marketplace, WHILE staying within set spending limits you have set for them.

With the “Remote Trust” you can opt in to receive instant text or email updates on you MG gamer’s activity. When she enters her BillMyParents account number into the MG’s Family Collaboration System app, she can see her SpendSmart prepaid MasterCard balance right on her device. We can remotely observe how our teens are spending their game allowances via text, email or by going online.  What a neat way to teach them responsible spending.



As of today September 6th, 2012 there are only 21 days to get the MG via Pre-order at $70 off the suggested retail price of $169.  savings… 

The first 2000 early adopters who visit Kickstarter.com will be rewarded with a $99 MG this holiday season. 

Other supporters will be able to order their MG for $20 off ($149) through Sept. 27.

Check out this video… http://kck.st/OvoNrg

I was not compensated for this post, opinions given are my own!!!  

Crossing my fingers that I have some of these for review and giveaways in time for the holidays!

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