Restaurant Review ~ Carino’s Italian Restuarant

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I love when my husband takes an early day from work.  If all works out it means we will be having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.  This time it was Carino’s Italian Restaurant.

I love when we walk in the door we are greeted with a pleasant ambiance, a smiling face and sweet Italian music.  Once we are seated the girls receive their coloring page and crayons.   I do appreciate this because it helps them be occupied while we wait for yummy food.  The staff were very sweet because Princess Buttercup felt like playing “dropsies”; they just smiled sweetly and kept getting her coloring page as they walked my.

Love when we get good service and they have patience with kids, let’s face it we have six and not everyone is use to a large family.

One of the first things we look forward to on the menu is our fresh roasted bread in roasted garlic and olive oil.  This is yummy and a rare treat.  The problem is not to fill up on it because coming up next was soup on salad.

On the menu was Italian Chili and Minestrone.  My husband chose Italian chili of course and I chose the Minestrone.   Along with the hot soup, our waiter brought us fresh Parmesan, it was so delicious.

I am kicking myself for not taking a picture.

The main course was next and we picket our favorites; mine is Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and my husband’s is Chicken Parmesano…


Delicious as always, I was fairly full and couldn’t eat it all.  Thank goodness for to-go boxes.  Learn more about Carino’s on Twitter and Facebook


Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post, just sharing our experience here :)

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