Mondays are busy, Make Fresh Salsa in a Blender

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One of my close friends Candy sent me a mixer as a gift and I can’t stop using it.  Smoothies and shakes galore!  I like making smoothies my kids love them and they don’t know that they are getting their “GREENS” which is slip in each smoothie.  I started to think, what about making salsa in a blender?  Here is how I made fresh salsa in a blender using  some ingredients I had  on hand…


Clean and cut in half Roma Tomatoes and green onions.


 A large clove of garlic and a large pinch of cilantro ( I like my cilantro.)


I put a can of Red Gold diced tomato and green for some added kick.


I put the salsa in a mason jar.  It looks a little pale, but it will red up and the flavors will peak after a night in the fridge.



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