The Next Generation of Cookbooks “MyRecipes – America’s Favorite Food”

In this digital age why shoudln’t using a cookbook become more enjoyable and now it will with this new next-generation cookbook created by America’s Favorite Food, is a collection of’s 200 top-rated and most-reviewed recipes. It has bridget the gap between the traditional cook book and modern technology.

What am I talking about? The unique Scan-It/Cook-It™ feature that lets readers access helpful recipe-enhancing content on our mobile or tablet device and we don’t have to leave the kitchen.

Here is how easily it works…. Scan one of the book’s more than 130 vibrant, full-color recipe photographs with the free Digimarc Discover app to instantly view how-to videos, professional cooking tips, meal planners and more.  This means no more wasting time searching Google.

Learn more about the “America’s Favorite Food” Cookbook on their Website, on their MyRecipes Facebook page and on their Twitter page.

You can get this very neat cookbook at at under $16.MyRecipes

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