Role Mommy Book Club – “The God Box”

I often wonder what legacy am I leaving my children?

What touching moment, event or memory will they think of?

Do they know just how much I will always love and care for them?

After her Mother’s death, Mary Lou Quinlan, author of “The God Box” found ten boxes filled with prayers to God; Prayers for family and friends by her Mother.  She put her prayers in the box as though she has done all she can and now it is in God’s hands.  We follow Mary while she deals with the loss of her Mother, heals and finds peace.

I think life has a way of taking us for a ride.  We have so many concerns on our mind…

For those that are right next to you, “Is my family ok?”

For those that are close to you, “My friend’s heart is hurting.”

For the things that seem mundane but important, “How will I pay my bills?”

There are only so many steps we can take to make our family comfortable.  There are only so many ways to be there for a friend.  And there are only so many ways you can adjust a budget.

What I have learned from this book?  I love my children in so many ways and I always do everything I can for them, but that may not be enough.  Whether I write a note in a book or put it in a box, I’ll leave the rest in God’s hands.

This is a beautiful little book and I am so glad that the Mary Lou Quinlan shared it with us.  I pray that when my time comes, I leave my children with something as beautiful.

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I received this book because I am a member of the Role Mommy Book Club.  The opinions given are my own.

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