Review – Protection from the Sun and Relief from Burns

Seems like we skipped spring and went straight for summer.

When I was young, no one talked about the harmful rays of the sun and what it could do to the human body.  So gone are the days of slathering baby oil on myself to tan darker and faster.  I very rarely burned, but I practically lived outside so when I did burn it was tremendously painful and I suffered for days.  Remembering that I rush after my kids with sun block to keep them protected while they are having fun.

Keeping that in mind, I thought I would review two separate products I received in exchange for my opinion.

The first product is made by Aubrey Organics.  The first product is a natural sun screen with a SPF rating of 30+ and products from UVB and UVA’s.  It is for sensitive skin and children.

I got to see this product in action when my son when to Wild Islands for a school (end of year) party.  I had him put this on his face, ears, neck, chest arms and legs.   They played all day and had a total blast.  The first thing I did was check is face for burns, but he didn’t have any he just had those “I played all day and I’m exhausted” glossy eyes.  The sun screen did its job.

So we are at home and comes down stairs after his shower with an unhappy look on his face.  Do you know what this Mom forgot to do?  I forgot to put sunscreen on his back!  I couldn’t believe it and he was suffering for it.  I was so mad at myself and worried about him.  The sunscreen worked perfectly on everywhere I had him put it on.

I start to rack my brain about to run to the store for some Aloe when I remembered the other product I received for review, Thank you…  It is an after sun moisturizer for burn relief.

I gently put the Tan Extender on by Australian Gold.  My son lets out a little sigh of relief letting me know that it feels cool on his skin.  It is very light and smells great.  Reminds me of the yearly Armed Forces Day parade when everyone is walking around with the tanning oils and sun blocks on.

Anyway, it relieved his sun burn discomfort and allowed him to sleep that night.  I re-applied more in the morning just to be safe.

Having used these products for their intended purpose and seeing them in action, I recommend them.

To read more about the organic products from Aubrey visit

To read more about the sun products from Australian Gold visit


As always I received products for review the opinions here are my own.

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