JASON Natural Products Review

I received a package of natural products to review from JASON.  JASON has been making natural personal care products since 1959.  These organic products are for the whole family and include skin, hair, body, oral care and deodorants.

JASON promises to only use high quality ingredients and avoid using animal by products, synthetic colors or fragrances and harmful chemicals.  Also, they don’t test on animals.

Products Reviewed

The first product we tried was the natural bug repellent called Quit Bugging Me™. JASON claims this bug repellent is DEET and PABA free and uses ingredients like Germanium, Soy bean, coconut and oils.

Knowing all that I felt safe in using this on my littlest girls and I for our excursions outside.  We have gnats, mosquitoes, wasps, flies and the occasional horsefly to deal with.  I sprayed our exposed extremities like arms, legs, neck and ankles.  It smelled kind of like licorice for a short time.  It wasn’t greasy and I noticed later that there wasn’t any staining on the clothes.

The girls ask to use this every time they go out, but it only needs to be sprayed every 4 hours or so.  It works great, granted it didn’t keep the wasps away, but it did keep the other buggies away and that is half the battle right.


The next products we tried were the strawberry and orange flavored tooth pastes.  This get is free of Fluoride, Sodium Lauryl and Laureth Sulfate.

The gel is semi clear and smells and tastes like what they say.  My teeth feel clean after words.  It took me a little getting use to.  I have had so many years of the astringent/minty taste of other tooth pastes, but I still liked the strawberry and orange.  The kiddos like it as well.

When it is time to brush teeth, the girls are eager and shout out the flavor they want.

JASON has a lot of other natural products for you and your family.  Visit them at www.jason-natural.com to learn more.


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