iPhone App Review: CookingPlanIt

I have to start up by saying- This is an amazing app! I love to cook, consider myself a “wannabe chef,” and have quite a few cookbooks in my kitchen. Would this app replace the cookbooks? Probably not, but there’s always a chance I’ll look here first.



This app has very nice personalization. I have friends that have food allergies that it’s hard for them to find recipes. This app changes that. It offers a page that you can list your food restrictions and I have to say this list is accurate to a lot of my friend’s allergies.


(I don’t do soy)

Grocery List

One of my favorite things to do is make lists. I love making lists of things I need to do or things we need for our family. I also love to go grocery shopping, so the option to make a shopping list was very exciting or me. You can list what type of product it is so that you know what aisle to find it in. Very cool!


As I mentioned before I love cookbooks. With this app you can save the recipes from the app in the My Cookbook area. This is very helpful when you want to make the same recipe again and you don’t have to deal with going thru the cookbook in case you didn’t tag it. Trust me- I’ve done this many times.. This is very helpful.

Now for my favorite part of the app: It speaks to me. No not in the way you are thinking- She actually talks to me during the cooking! The voice of a woman speaks while you are going thru the recipe, while you are cooking. After choosing a recipe you
“Get Started” and it asks how many people you will be feeding with the recipe. Another awesome option! Who wants to waste food by cooking for an Army and it just being myself and my husband for dinner that night; or vice versa. You have the option to cook for 2-4 or 6.


You can choose to swipe each page or say aloud- Next Step and the page will continue without you having to pull your hands out of the recipe. During each step each step is explained very easily. Makes you feel like you can’t get the recipe wrong. Now for the fun part; there are times during each recipe that a step takes a little longer or has a timed section. When you hit these spots an actual timer will pop up on the screen and once the timer runs out she will announce that “Timer is Done” if you don’t respond to the end of timer she gets creative with the response alerting you to continue. It’s very funny.


The app does not read the steps aloud. That’s the only thing I was disappointed with. But in the grand scheme of things I think that I’m just being lazy so it’s ok that it does not read the directions aloud. So I’m not going to give this app a bad review solely for not speaking the directions to me. So that’s what’s up with the strike thru on Cons.

Overall I think this is a fantastic app. I hope that you enjoyed this review and that you’ll look into purchasing it in the Apple ITunes store. You can purchase this app in the ITunes store for $2.99 and have the option to purchase in HD for $4.99; a great price for a very nice app. As you can see in the pictures taken from the screens the graphics are really nicely done.

Visit Cooking Planit on their website www.cookingplanit.com; facebook www.facebook.com/cookingplanit; twitter @cookingplanit

disclaimer:  App code was received for review purposes.  Opinions given are my own.

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