Food Photography Makes Me Happy…


I love to take pictures of food, it is so rewarding specially when I have tried a recipe and it met or surpassed my expectations.   It is even better when I can get a real good shot and post it on my blog.

So when I was asked to write about a site with my same passion for food and photography I was all over it. is a food photography site filled with hundreds of images that are submitted anonymously or randomly by guests, photographers and cooks.

There are many categories to look through, everything from Dessert to Mexican foods and even Gluten-Free food.  You can look through photos by type of food or by date of submission.  You can search foods with a certain ingredient.  So if you want to make something  with cilantro, you’ll be able to find photos of food with that ingredient.

So what is so good about looking at just pictures?  It is not just pictures, but they link to the recipes too. maybe have a notty name, but you can look all of the pictures without any guilt.  Take a peak, I dare you …


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