Cooking with my Kids & Joie

There is something that my kids have always enjoyed doing from the boy to my girls; cooking with me.  They are always so eager to help.  One of the first things asked is “can I crack the eggs?”  While we always try crack the shells it gets a bit messy.  So this time they let Mommy crack the shells and they were eager to use the the new whisk.  here they are using the MooMoo Whisk.

MooMoo Little Whisk $3.99

A regular task for one of my girls is getting potatoes for Mommy.  I usually ask her to pick me some pretty potatoes and and she counts them as she puts them in the colander.  When I told her what the Spud Dude was for she got all excited.  So we grabbed a chair and put her to the sink so she could scrub away the dirt.  Only problem was the bigger sister wanted in on the action.


 Spud Dude Potato Brush $2.99

The next item we received to review that even got the bigger kids excited was the Monster Fun Pops.  That after noon we decided to put some Juicy Juice® in each cup and put them in the freezer.  The next day they couldn’t wait so I ran it them under warm water for just a bit and they happily munched on them.


The Monster Fun Pops  retail for $8.99


I have to say the products I received are solid, quality products.  I half expected them to be very expensive, but they are very affordable.  The Joie Shop has a lot of different themed products to offer.  There are a lot of different tools themed with Cows, Piggies, Christmas, Chickens and Monsters.  There are also a lot of other neat items I want to get all the family.  I can’t beat a quality products that is cute and affordable too.

Look for features and giveaways for the upcoming gift guide.

Learn more about The Joie Shop by visiting their page on Twitter/@joieshop and on Facebook/JoieShop

 disclaimer:  information and products were received for review purposes.  The opinions given are my own.

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