Clear4G WiMAX 4G Network

One of the most important things in my life besides my family’s health and wellness is my wireless connection.  Let’s face it we are in age of technology and if you aren’t connected via wireless, you just aren’t with the times; also as a blogger my livelihood depends on it. No connection, no blog. Thankfully Clear4G keeps me from ever experiencing downtime using their Clear 4G WiMAX 4G Network.

Actually I became a hotspot using their newest technology and anywhere and everywhere I go thanks to the CLEAR WIRELESS, I’m “hot”.  As long as I’ve got my Clear4G USB plugged in I’m literally “on” everywhere in Clear coverage area. No more missing blog posts here, sitting in traffic or sitting outside enjoying the afternoon while the kids play- no problem. I’m connected, my work gets done and we have more time for family time fun.

It’s not only operational at home near our signal, we are a serious mobile hotspot! With Clear4G coverage expanding across the United States we could travel the US and not ever have disruption in service. (Unless you hit an area that does not have coverage, more cities are being added across the United States.) If we happen to be out and about and the kids are being fussy we can stream movies with Clear4G no problem. It has been a life saver having Clear4G WiMax.

I love being my own hotspot, so glad we decided on Clear4G WiMax, you will be too! Check if it’s available in your area and get connected today!

Brought to you by your friends at Clear Wireless


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