Children’s Advil has Helpful Resources for baby’s first year of care.

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I remember when we were waiting for our first baby’s arrival.   I knew her first year would be filled with many new memories and adventures for us to embark on.  While I was dreaming about our new baby I did not once think of any illnesses or discomforts.

With all our kids we had wonderful first moments like smiles, giggles, rolling, crawling and sounds we also had an unwelcomed “firsts” like ear infections and colds.   While my first born is sixteen my littlest ones are still babies and it is still frustrating when they feel discomfort, specially when we know those ailments come with fever,  pain and crying.

It can be confusing to know what to give and how much.  Children’s Advil® sent me a nice little prize pack so I can share with you all the helpful tools they have at their new site with downloadable resources.

The folks at Advil sent me a lovely prize pack with the following:

  • A Baby’s Health Diary (a downloadable version available below)
    • This little book has just about everything I could thing of that is important to remember; growth development, immunization, allergies, dr visits, dosage chart and some decent coupons.
  • Infants’ Advil® Concentrated Drops
    • For ages 6-23 months
  • Children’s Advil® Suspension
    • For ages 2-11 years
  • Hooded towel
    • This is one of the softest hooded towels I have ever received, feels good when I wrap it around baby ater her bath.
  • Pewter baby picture frame
    • Very cute bubble bath shaped frame with little charms hanging from it.  I am putting a crazy hair bubble bath pic in it.
  • Footprint kit
    • I always enjoy making, giving and receiving these footprint cast kids.  Time goes by so fast and it is hard to remember where time went.
  • Two Magnetic Picture
    • Each center has a section to write important numbers on and keep some place convenient like on the fridge.

I mentioned previously downloadable items similar to what I received in the prize pack that are available on Children’s Advil Helpful Resources page.  They just launched it on and here are some of downloadable resources available:

  • Babys Health Diary
  • Children’s Advil dosing chart
  • Fever Dosing Diary
  • Child care tips to help us get through the cold and flu season.

Learn more at on their website: Children’s Advil®  and their Children’s Advil® Facebook page.


Disclosure: Thank you to Children’s Advil® for providing samples, product information and gift pack. Opinions given are my own.  Please consult your pediatrician.

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