App Review: tic tac mo!


I have been playing with x’s and o’s for as long as I can remember. It’s one of the first games we taught our son to play after he learned how to write out his shapes. I mean who doesn’t love that wonderful game. When asked to review the iphone app Tic Tac Mo! I jumped at the opportunity, I love trying out new apps.


When I first downloaded the app I loved that it when to a vertical mode. I feel games are much easier played in this direction verses the normal up right position of the phone. You get a better grip of the phone too.

Playing the game on a iPhone or iPad is so much fun! I would always hate running out of space to write out my grid. This is the perfect format for Tic Tac Mo!

It’s self-explanatory, if you have never played the game on paper, the basic directions are offered on the opening screen shot, as shown in picture above.

The game goes fast unless you take the time think theory. I would call this the best app to play while waiting.

Appropriate for ages 5+.


In this game you have the option to have one, two or three players. I’m not too sure about three players. That means I’ll have to pass the phone around. A bit of a headache I think. But one and two player options is pretty awesome.

I also found that there is not a way to back out of a game if you change your mind. You have to play the game and win or lose to be able to choose an alternate option of players. The game goes very quickly so it’s not that big of a con; but I think it would be a nice option to have on the screen.

Overall I’d give the game 4 out of 5 stars. It’s an enjoyable game that my family really enjoyed with a few minor fixes that would make the game exemplary.

Tic Tac Mo is available on iphone and ipad for $0.99. A great price for a fun game, that you’ll be playing to pass the time or have a tournament with your family.

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