Light and Bright Pasta with Mellow and Fruity Olive Oil.

I was craving a quick and easy pasta dish so this is what happened:

Looks delish right?  Here is how I through it together:

Put the rigatoni in boiling water

In a hot sauce pan I added some yummy Three Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a crushed garlic clove.

Next I chopped a vine rippened tomato and added it to the sauce pan.  Note to self:  next time blanch the tomato and remove the peel.

I chopped one green onion and put half of it in the sauce pan and continued to cook with my tomato mixture.

That is it.  I added the mixture to my rigatoni and sprinkled some fresh Parmesan on top.

This was a delicious, light and bright tasting meal that made my taste buds pop.

Now about Artisian Kitchen’s Three Olive’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil…  It was the first time I was pleased with an olive oil other than restaurant quality.  It was mellow and tasted great, not only in my dishes like the one above, but on my salad with some balsamic.  I love that it is mild and I don’t feel like I am chewing on tree leaves.  I also put it on some garlic and made roasted garlic.  Yumm now I am hungry for this dish.

I received a sample of Artisian Kitchen’s Three Olive’s Olive Oil for my review purposes.  The opinions are my own true opinions.

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