5 DIY Beauty Products

Most women love to have great looking skin.  It makes us feel younger and more vibrant.  I also like to keep the cost down by making my own beauty aids.  Here are five of my favorite beauty aid recipes from around the web.


Source: onegoodthingbyjillee.com via Shannon on Pinterest

4 ingredient Eye Makeup Remover:  It is easy to make, and you may already have everything on hand.  This works wonderful, however, I do not wear heavy eye makeup.

Source: simplemom.net via Shannon on Pinterest

Oil cleansing is easy and leaves my skin feeling and looking great!  With only 2 ingredients it is a low cost option.

Source: shwinandshwin.blogspot.com via Shannon on Pinterest

This 3 ingredient toner works great and smells of summer.  It isn’t magic in a bottle, however, it does the job a toner should.

Source: blog.modcloth.com via Shannon on Pinterest

My husband loves when I have soft lips.  This simple recipe keeps them soft and I can exfoliate them while cooking!

Source: livingthenourishedlife.com via Shannon on Pinterest

Coconut oil has so many uses.  Whipped, or straight out of the jar, it can be used a lotion.  It also makes a great spur of the moment lip balm.

What health and beauty products do you make at home?


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