Toddler Proofing

You look down at the mini-you who is wobbling across the living room floor. Your once tiny little baby is growing up and becoming a walking, talking child! The time has come to unleash your curious toddler onto the world, but wow they really are into everything and anything they can lay their hands on! So how do you make sure that your toddler is safe in and around the home without wrapping them up in cotton wool?


More accidents happen at home than in any other place and when you start to consider the amount of potential hazards in any regular home you soon understand why! Start protecting your loved ones by surveying the whole house, considering any potential hazards for injury or accident. Note down anything that concerns you from slippery steps to heavy pans on easily accessible shelves.

Once you have your list of concerns, work through them methodically, trying to minimize the risk for each concern as close to ‘no concern’ as possible. Use this checklist to get you started and add on anything additional as you go along.


Outside spaces, gardens, yards and terraces and so on are often an area that needs careful consideration when you are introducing your toddler to it. Before taking your toddler into these spaces and/or allowing them free access it is important that you do a thorough safety check of the area and make sure it is suitable for a roaming toddler. So similar to the survey that you conducted inside, go through the same process here.

Ensure that the area is safe from sharp edges or objects that might injure your child. Move any ornaments out of harm’s way and ensure that steps are clearly marked out to avoid slips and trips.

Check for any gaps in the hedge or fence that a curious toddler might squeeze through and make sure all exits are or can be secured. Barrier Components have a range of different bolts and locks that may help secure your outside area both from intruders getting into your space and your toddler making a break for it!

In Short

You need to be clear and consistent when enforcing any areas that are out of bounds or things not to be touched but by keeping these things to a minimum you are making everybody’s lives easier.

Reduce risks to an acceptable level and then get on with enjoying the lovely family life that you deserve!

How are you Toddler Proofing your house?

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