#FantasyFootball Chapter Two – The Draft

#Momma’s Fantasy Football

It is time to start our list of top Fantasy Players… but if you would like to go over the basics of football, here is football basics chapter one.

Here are some links for player stats by their position.

NFL Football listed per position…

  • Quarterbacks
  • Wide Receivers
  • Running Backs
  • Tight Ends
  • Kickers
  • Defense

CBS Sports Fantasy Rankings all on one page.

There are a lot more sources out there, but here are some to get you prepared.

Once you have a list of your 4 to 5 top player choices, it is time to rank them for the draft.  Start by choose the following:

  • My Team tab
  • Pre-draft Player Rankings
  • Edit My Rankings

Ok grab the list of your favorite players we worked on.  In this next section we will choose our favorite players and rank them in order listing our most sought after first.  Why do we do it like this?  Because in the draft there is no guarantee we will get our top choice, we might get our second, third or even forth.

Here we will see ways to sort your list.  I like to choose Rank, Top 25, and the position. (if you don’t see your player in the top 25, you’ll have to choose Top 50, 100 or All)

(1) Exclude Players – players we definitely don’t want
(2) List of Players – all players in your search grid
(3) My Players – Here is where our players

Take note of the following symbols next to the players:

When you see this there are notes related to your player, it may give stats and suggestions.

When you see this icon it will have the same information as above, but will be more urgent for instance an injury.

We will discuss these little symbols more after the draft in the next chapter.

(4) Click the player you want and choose the corresponding arrow…  Move him to the left to exclude him or move him to the right to add him to your list.
(5) Now that you have all your choice players per position rank them in that list by clicking on your player and moving up and down with the arrows.

After your done, click save.

This is the last thing we are waiting on to make the league “Draft Ready.”

Important Dates to remember:

  • Our inaugural “DRAFT”.   Draft day for us is August 30st.
  • NFL Regular Season Begins September 5th!


If you have any questions about football or fantasy football, any at all, please email me:  anjanette@mommayoungathome.com.  Remember we are learning and we will enjoy football so much more if we understand the game.

Next year it will open up to all… With lots of extra goodies in store.


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