When I can’t sleep I play games… You?

I can’t sleep lately and not because I don’t want to, I WANT TO, but those girls won’t let me, so I’m giving up and finding something else to do.

All you Mommies and Daddies out there know exactly what it is like to be up over and over again with a child that can’t sleep or tries but gets up soon after they fall asleep.   What if you have two little ones?  It seems like as soon as I fall asleep or put my head to the pillow the other baby girl wakes up.  So like I said, I am going to quit trying, it just so tiring it is painful.  Oh I’m plenty tired, but why bother.

Lately I have been grabbing my cell phone, checking my mail or Facebook.  But usually no one is on that late sending mailing, chatting or posting news, so I started checking games. I love puzzle games like Mahjong, bounce out, etc I can play those for hours.  My In-Laws are always talking about going to Bingo halls so I’ve been thinking of checking out bingogodz.com they have online bingo.  Do you have a favorite game you like to play online?

Why not work on my blog, comment on others’ or  do some graphics?  I know that would be a good use of my time but all that requires thought; I think all day long and who wants to think that much…

People who say “sleep is over rated” have never been sleep deprived and had two little “Irish Twins” taking turns waking each other up.  I know soon one day they will sleep and I will too.  In the mean time I’m going to relax, have some fun and get my game on.

Please share with me how you get your babies to sleep all night?  Or what you do if you can’t sleep..

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