My mug is in a magazine…

Yep, my mug or a tiny picture of it is on the back page of “All You” magazine! Oh my 5 minutes of fame…

They sent out a reality checker questionnaire months ago. I answered their question: What motivates me to exercise? Thing is, a lot can happen in a year.

What motivated you a year ago? Does it still work for you now?


  1. MommaYoung says

    You are famous! How cool, can I have your autograph??? :)No, what motivated me then is not always what motivates me now, but when nothing was motivating then and something is now that is a good thing, right?Recent blog post: Easter

  2. MommaYoung says

    how cool!!!this is the first year that i haven’t been motivated to exercise in any way, shape or form. not sure why. not sure what triggered this major exercise laziness. but i used to be in decent shape. not ever this mushy. sigh.feel better honey!!xoxoRecent blog post: Tales From The Kingdom…An Ongoing Saga?

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