Is Weight Watchers Online Right For Me?

Disclaimer:  I received membership to WeightWatchers Online, while participating in Fitspiration For Moms Community Campaign.


What are most people’s reasoning for .not wanting to start diet plans?  Well I can’t speak for everyone but for me, its the added expenses of new and different foods that I would only eat; this usually keeps me from trying new programs.

What’s unique about Weight Watchers?  The program doesn’t call for purchasing a ton of expensive foods or program only foods.  Basically, you get allotted points based on your height and weight.  Each time you eat, that meal is worth points.  To begin a program just start eating and tracking.  You may just learn the foods in your house are perfect or maybe you just need to make better portion choices, but basically it’s whats in your kitchen.

As far as Weight Watchers online or in meetings is concerned my preference is the Meetings and the Weight Watchers app. Why? I spend a good portion of my life online it is too easy to get distracted for one thing.  Also I need to get out and be with other folks.  I have done both and “in person” is my choice because it makes me more accountability.

If you decide to go to the meetings, there are still option to use all their great tools like the Weight Watchers App:

Great food options if you need some ideas and simplicity:

And delicious recipe ideas:


Good Luck on whatever you choose…



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