Join the #Exercise Before You Blog #Challenge 2013 #fitB4blog

One thing I have noticed since beginning to blog and since starting  my consulting business…

I have been sitting on my butt way too much!  You too?

In between parenting, cooking, cleaning our available time is spent on events and blogging.  If we were to wait for the perfect time, nothing would get done.  Unfortunately, all the busy things we do for our family each day will do nothing to shrink our butts or improve the health of our hearts.  So let’s work together to establish a good habit of doing something fitness related before we sit down to blog each day.

This will be good for us in so many ways!

As a special incentive there will be prizes for those that participate each day in May and some runner up prizes.. (details coming soon)

Here is how it works…

  1. Sign the linky with your Twitter Handle, mine is @MommaYoung
  2. Starting May 1st, do an exercise before you begin blogging for the day.  Need ideas?  Jenn from Comeback Momma has created a calendar with exercises we can do each day. Feel free to do the exercises suggested on the calendar or your favorite exercise. Jenn has some great instructions for each exercise on her site as well.
    ~~Please remember these are just suggestions… Do what your comfortable doing~~~


  3. Take a pic of yourself doing an exercise and post it to Twitter or Facebook with hashtag #fitB4blog.

For Bonus Points, please share or tweet this post….

Stop the Bloggy Butt!!! #Exercise Before You Blog #Challenge 2013 #fitB4blog – via @MommaYoung PLS RT

Here is the linky to sign up for the #fitB4blog Challenge…

#fitB4blog Challenge Images…



  1. says

    I have gained more than 20 pounds since officially becoming a WAHM! My commute is 10 feet from my bedroom to my home office! Some days I don’t even make it downstairs until its time to cook dinner! Thanks for sharing this! I so NEED it!

  2. says

    some of those exercises looked tough so ill do my own exercises that work that area mentioned and nextt week ill be on vacation so im taking my pedometer and going to try to use the hotels gym while im there

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