You Are Worth It…

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Well a week ago Monday I was having a fairly horrible day.  Horrible pain on my left shoulder, arm and only on the side of my neck, jaw, ear and back.  I was thinking a nerve why else would I have pain out of no where?

I still continued my day like normal, but I texted my husband all the things I was feeling while he was at work.  He texted back “Have kids ready, I am coming home.” I was like don’t worry, it is no big deal.

I guess in the back of my mind I knew these were all very common signs of a heart attack, specially in women.  So I sat down to look and reassure myself on the internet when I found this video made for

It is a very serious subject, but it kind of made me laugh.  When I started to consider the pain was something other than a pinched nerve, all I could think of was…

“my house isn’t clean”

“we need groceries”

“hubby don’t need to miss any time off work”

“I need to pick up my kids from school”

Not once in all my conversation with myself did I actually think about myself.  What an important roll I play in this house, but I didn’t give myself a second thought.

After a very unpleasant trip to the ER the doctor summed it up to a “cervical sprain/strain.”  All that pain only for that day and it was gone.

What did I learn?  That we Moms need to put ourselves a lot higher on the scale of importance.  If our husband or any of our kids were feeling that pain, we’d be all over it!

You are important

You are worth it!


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