Scheduling My time effectively…

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Hi Ladies,

Feeling pretty good today.  It was a nice weekend, didn’t get moody, stressed out and didn’t porkout.  I got time to work on my overall schedule; cleaning, working out, etc…  and I am excited to see how I can put this together!

I still have to fill in my to do section (I’m scared, hehe)

I have to say writing it all down has taken a load off my mind.

I find out tomorrow what the surgeon thought of my MRI.  I would like to have the surgery asap so I can spend the summer getting in shape not hobbling around.

I am so proud of our Mamavation Mom’s @Weightisover@LilacCityMomma,  They have a large list of things to do and they are tackling them.  What an inspiration.

This post is sponsored by Dole and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway


Last week I mentioned I would have on ongoing review of  Bob Harper Online Fitness Club, well today I’m talking about food.

What helped me decide to review this site out of so many?  It is the first site I’ve seen with out so many distracting bells and whistles, sitting around being distracted is what got me into this shape in the first place.  Bob’s Online Fitness Club is straight forward, to the point and coming straight from the man himself.  I feel like he understands my needs and obstacles.


I have always complained that eating healthy was too expensive, well Bob shares recipes using foods that are both healthy and affordable.  Surprisingly, while thumbing through the recipes,  found that I had many of the ingredients already.  It is nice knowing I won’t have to completely restock my kitchen or that would be expensive.  I’m looking forward to trying Sweet Potato Chili and Sweet Potato Lentils soup today.


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