A View of my first 5k

This Saturday was a blast, little bit of hard work, but a blast.

The hubby dropped me and Ang off at the Damonte Ranch to begin our walk. She did the whole first mile with me at which time Daddy picked her up and I booked it, but I mananged to take pictures along the way. At the end of the trip, my preschooler wanted to join in the walk as well. Here are some images:

That was so much fun…

I am happy to report the the scale finally decided to move a bit and I am down 3 more pounds for a total of 8 pounds since I began working with Leah and Alysa. I thought it would be a little more since I walked for 4 miles this weekend, oh well. I am pretty happy with the 3 pounds.

If you asking, YES my foot hurts like H e L L (still) but I am not going to let this OA kick my butt; just in pain and wobbling around the house. But I did it and my family supported me.

Thank you ladies, I look forward to next year!


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