Random Tuesday Thoughts ~ Wasps and Babies don’t mix.

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I am trying to think of what went on this past week but I keep thinking of how it seems like yesterday I wrote the last Random Tuesday post. Anyone figured out how to slow down time yet? I bet people would pay some serious cash for that secret.

Been trying desperately to get my time management more managed, but to be frank I am flying by the seat of my pants. I am just taking it as it comes, LOL. No but really I grabbed my dust “FlyLady” Like binder and started organized. I could nip a lot if I would just plan my meals and shopping like I use to.

Yesterday I took all the little girls to my cheerleaders teacher’s conference. The teacher tried to get all up close and personal with the baby right when we walked in the door and frightened her. Dude maybe in Spain there isn’t a personal bubble but here there is and your all in my babies back off. He had the nerve to ask what is wrong, Oey!

It wasn’t a good day for our littlest baby. She was having a good ol’ time playing in the play pen when she screams murder out of no where. My husband grabs her I look in the play pen to see what was up and there was a bleeping wasp crawling there. How did I now see that thing fly in here? So mad! He bit her hand! We iced it, gave her Motrin, sprayed it with benedryl and gave her some Clariton. She got over it quickly, but gosh darn. Since we have moved to this house, we are always doing battle with those things, I don’t even know how they get in. We have never had problems like this before in any house we have lived in. She is OK now but still feel like I didn’t protect her.

It is cheer competition season and we start practice 3 days a week, woo hoo. I better hit those crockpot recipes harder!

We had a break in birthdays, but PapaBear’s will be this Thursday.

We have another football/cheer trip coming up. At least it is only an hour drive there as apposed to the 4+ hour we had a couple weeks ago.

Now your turn, give us a link so we can read your Random…


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